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Packaging Materials

We are Providing One Stop Export Packaging Solution:

In addition to a comprehensive range of export packing products for all your needs, there are many other reasons why you should choose Axport Solution Sdn. Bhd. to help in fulfilling your required specification, including:

  • Packaging Audit
    By providing our best consultation based on our experience in assisting our clients to generate a real time savings throughout the logistic process. During the transaction, we can provide a complete packaging audit, at no consultation cost, in which we will be giving out our opinions that will improve your export packaging and packing processes.

  • Complete Packaging Solution
    Whatever product you need to transport, to any country worldwide, we are able to provide you a complete export packaging service that promises you significantly high level of security for your products, maintaining the trust between you and your clients.

  • Peace of Mind
    With the many years of experience in the industry and had been dealing with businesses from all sorts of industries, we can proudly offer our advices on the type of packaging that suits you the most.
    We simple give you a peace of mind that our packaging solutions will deliver the right level of security to ensure your shipments arrive safely at its destination without any breakages.

  • Good Price and Time Saving
    We are sourcing raw materials quickly and with the same quality at highly competitive prices. We can supply you both standard and unique packaging solutions that will save your time and help reducing the costs.

  • Just Right Solutions
    Not too much, not too few, just the right thing at the right price for your packages. No overdoing and overpriced, neither under-doing and under-quality. We offer to give you the best solutions.

So, if you’re looking for an export packing company that can supply you with a complete packaging service that ensures the safety of your goods, as well as helping you reduce costs, contact us today to find out what we can offer you.

Packaging Materials

Stretch Film

PET Strapping Band

Shrink Film

Opp Packing Tape

Masking Tape

Kraft Tape

Double Sided Tissue Tape

Double Sided Foam

Cloth Tape

Angle Bar


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