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Process Wood Pallet

Our process wood pallet consists of full top, so it contributes better weight distribution, and also prevents damages of goods that are caused by forklift forks, due to the gaps between the pallet planks

Benefits of using our process wood pallet
Below is a comparison between our process wood pallet raw wood pallet

our process wood pallet

raw wood pallet

Made entirely from processed wood

Made entirely from natural wood

Internally free from termite & wood borers

Not internally free from termite & wood borers

   Much higher fungus resistance because
  it has much lower internal moisture content

Much lower fungus resistance because it has much higher internal moisture content

   Internal moisture content is less than 15%


     Much less vulnerable to termite 
wood borers from outside

Much more vulnerable to termite & wood borers from outside

  Free from fumigation and heat treatment when export, due to pallet is under ISPM
      15 section 2.1 exemption

Fumigation and heat treatment is compulsory when export, due to pallet is not under ISPM 15 section 2.1 exemption


ISPM 15’s toxic fumigation depletes ozone and causes health & safety issues

Much lower wood waste due to branches and wood strands are used completely to manufacture processed wood

Much higher wood waste due to branches and wood strands cannot be used to manufacture natural wood


Our types of processed wood

Our medium density fibreboard (MDF) is composed of wood fibers that are bonded together with resin under heat and pressure

Our plywood is composed of thin layers of wood veneer that are glued together 


Our oriented strand board (OSB) is made from wood strands that are 8 to 15 centimetres long. These strands are mixed with resin to produce sheets. These sheets are layered and then bonded together under heat and pressure


Our types of eco process wood pallet

Process Wood OSB 4 Ways Pallet

Eco Process Wood MDF Pallet

Eco Process Wood Plywood Pallet

Eco Process Wood OSB Pallet

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