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About our paper pallets
Our paper pallets are custom-made, eco, recyclable & biodegradable. They are free from fumigation & heat treatment when export due to pallet is under ISPM 15 section 2.1 exemptionISPM 15’s toxic fumigation depletes ozone and causes health & safety issues

Patented Half Core Heavy-Duty Pallet

Patented Paper Core Pallet

Patented Compressed Angle Board Pallet


Our process wood pallet consists of full top, so it contributes better weight distribution, and also prevents damages of goods that are caused by forklift forks, due to the gaps between the pallet planks

Benefits of using our process wood pallet
Below is a comparison between our process wood pallet raw wood pallet

our process wood pallet

raw wood pallet

Made entirely from processed wood

Made entirely from natural wood

Internally free from termite & wood borers

Not internally free from termite & wood borers

   Much higher fungus resistance because
  it has much lower internal moisture content

Much lower fungus resistance because it has much higher internal moisture content

   Internal moisture content is less than 15%


     Much less vulnerable to termite 
wood borers from outside

Much more vulnerable to termite & wood borers from outside

  Free from fumigation and heat treatment when export, due to pallet is under ISPM
      15 section 2.1 exemption

Fumigation and heat treatment is compulsory when export, due to pallet is not under ISPM 15 section 2.1 exemption


ISPM 15’s toxic fumigation depletes ozone and causes health & safety issues

Much lower wood waste due to branches and wood strands are used completely to manufacture processed wood

Much higher wood waste due to branches and wood strands cannot be used to manufacture natural wood


Our types of processed wood

Our medium density fibreboard (MDF) is composed of wood fibers that are bonded together with resin under heat and pressure

Our plywood is composed of thin layers of wood veneer that are glued together 


Our oriented strand board (OSB) is made from wood strands that are 8 to 15 centimetres long. These strands are mixed with resin to produce sheets. These sheets are layered and then bonded together under heat and pressure


Our types of eco process wood pallet

Process Wood OSB 4 Ways Pallet

Eco Process Wood MDF Pallet

Eco Process Wood Plywood Pallet

Eco Process Wood OSB Pallet

Our knock-down crates
We also manufacture process wood crates and paper crates that can be divided into smaller parts, so they can be stored in a smaller space when they are not in use

Types of pallet crate


Process Wood Pallet Crate

Paper Crate


Our PP woven dunnage bag features

 Push & lock valve for rapid deflation 

 Consistent internal pressure

 Outer liner of Polypropylene with high strength & inner liner of Polyethylene as dual

 AAR Level 1 certified 


 High burst pressure

 Recyclable & reusable

 More durable and more moisture resistant than paper dunnage bag

Specification of our PP woven dunnage bag
Outer liner : Polypropylene (PP)
Inner liner : Polyethylene (PE)
Working pressure : 0.2bar / 3.0psi
Places of use : shipping container, inland conveying, & intermodal

Size Selection

Bag Width

Max Gap

24'' (600MM)

8'' (200MM)

36'' (900MM)

10'' (250MM)

40'' (1000MM)

12'' (300MM)

48'' (1200MM)

15'' (400MM)

Our inflator features

Easy & quick to inflate & deflate our dunnage bag

 A venturi inflator that can swivel 360° for ease of operation

 Pressure control that prevents burst of dunnage bag

Kraft Paper Dunnage Bag

PP Woven Air Dunnage Bag


Having over 10 years of experience regarding our container desiccants, we specialize in providing solutions for moisture problems

About our container desiccants
They are specially engineered to protect cargo from moisture damage by preventing condensation in containers

Humidity disaster: container rain
When containers are moved from a hotter area to a colder area, condensation will occur and causes container rain

Due to container rain, these conditions can occur:

  • Rusty goods & soft, moldy cartons

  • Wooden crates are covered by smelly black molds

  • Inedible, moldy, damp agricultural goods such as coffee, cocoa, and nuts

Does your cargo look like this below after export?

Goods Protected:

Wooden products:
Furniture, timber, wood pulp, and paper goods

Leather goods:
Sofa, footwear, garments, and furniture

Agriculture products:
Tobacco, pepper, wheat flour, spices, coffee, tea, cashew nuts, cocoa, and bagged rice

Electronic goods:
Electrical appliances, printed circuit board, cable, and toys

Metal products:
Sheet, coils, machinery, aluminum fillet, copper product, and auto/spare parts

Garments, batik, and fabrics

Household products:
Melamine, handicrafts, glass ware, polythene, and charcoal

Dry Pole 800

Dry Guard 1000 & Dry Cover 1000


Having over 10 years of experience regarding our silica gel & desiccant clay, we specialize in providing solutions for moisture problems

About our silica gel & desiccant clay
They are specially engineered to protect goods from moisture damage by keeping goods dry

Due to moisture, these conditions can occur:

  • Rusty goods

  • Malfunctioning electronics

  • Moldy leather goods

  • Inedible, moldy, damp food & beverage

Places of use:

1. Food & Beverage Industries

2. Pharmaceutical Industries

3. Electronic Industries

4. Optical Equipment Industries

5. Metal Industries

6. Agricultural Industries

Desiccant Clay

Silica Gel


Our composite cord strap is the latest development in strapping technology. It consists of the strongest synthetic fibres that are embedded in a polymer coating, and it is not affected by extreme weather such as freeze, sweltering weather, and high humidity

It is used to secure cargoes to prevent cargo damages during export and inland transportation

Benefits of our composite cord strap:

  • As strong as steel
  • Much safer to use than metal straps because it has no sharp edges, whereas metal straps have sharp edges, therefore it does not damage your goods, and metal straps can damage your goods
  • More elastic than metal strap
  • Lightweight & portable
  • Chemical resistant
  • Will not rust
  • Does not spring back, whereas steel straps do spring back

It is available in a wide variety of widths and strengths



Composite Cord Strap



Stretch Film

PET Strap

Shrink Film

OPP Tape

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